Welcome to PCA Academics!

At PCA we are always evolving to best meet the needs of our students. Teachers and specialists work to ensure that each of our content areas presents students with high quality materials aligned with the common core standards. Our goal is to facilitate deep and enduring understanding of high-level content for all of our core content academic curricula. 

As part of this goal, PCA students have the following opportunities on the campus each day to participate in:
  • Special subject classes twice a day including art, music, dance, physical/health education, library, and technology
  • Daily recess
  • Outdoor classrooms

Our Courses


Providence Creek Academy students learn common core math using Eureka Math as their primary resource material. 

  • Learners in grades K – 5 use hands on objects (usually called manipulatives) to develop a strong foundation of numeracy. Each grade level builds on the idea of “units” and place value mastered in the previous year. Fluency practice and real-world problem solving allow students to focus on how mathematics makes sense of the world around them. 

Learners in grades 6 – 8 use their solid understanding of numbers, units, and basic arithmetic to turn their focus to ratios. As students learn how to manipulate variables, graph equations, and determine percentages, the road to Algebra I and future mathematical success is paved. By 8th grade, all PCA students have experienced all of the pre-requisite skills for higher mathematics.

Social Studies

Providence Creek Academy is proud to incorporate new materials into our DOE Standards-based curriculum. Students in Grades K – 6 and 8 will be utilizing Savvas materials as their primary resource materials, while Grade 7 uses McGraw Hill materials. 

  • Learners in Grades K – 3 use the Savvas materials to explore an introduction to geography, civics, economics, and history. 
  • Learners in Grade 4 focus on Civics and History from 1491 – 1876.
  • Learners in Grade 5 focus on Economics and U.S. Geography
  • Learners in Grade 6 focus on World Geography
  • Learners in Grade 7 focus on Civics and Economics
  • Learners in Grade 8 focus on History from 1783 – 1877
Computer Science

Providence Creek Academy students explore computer science and technology through Structured Learning

  • K – 5 learners receive weekly instruction revolving around computer basics. They practice typing, explore Google Earth, explore Excel, and try their hand at beginner coding. 
  • 6 – 8 learners may choose Computer Science as their Track class. PCA is currently piloting the use of several high level computer science programs to facilitate student computer science mastery.

Providence Creek Academy is proud to offer a wide array of artistic learning and exploration for our learners. 

  • Dance: All students in grades K – 5 participate in weekly dance instruction that aligns with Delaware Dance Standards. From tap to hip hop to classical, they try it all! Students also critique performances, create their own expressions, and interpret meaning in artistic dances. Upper School students may choose the Dance Track class, where they participate in a more in-depth dance experiences aligned the same standards. 
  • Visual Art: All students in grades K – 5 participate in weekly art instruction that aligns with Delaware Visual Art Standards. PCA has carefully laid out a scope and sequence to ensure that each grade builds on the one before with respect to both skills and medium. Students explore different textures and styles to develop a well-rounded understanding of art and its impact on the world around them. Upper School students may choose the Art Track class, where they participate in more in-depth art experiences aligned with the same standards. 
  • Music:
    • All students in grades K – 2 participate in weekly music instruction that aligns with Delaware Music Standards. Students use Quaver as their primary resource material. 
    • All students in grade 3 learn recorders for half the year and keyboards for the other half. 
    • Beginning in Grade 4, students may choose to continue their music instruction in general music or to join the Choir or Band. 
    • Upper School students may choose Band or Choir as their Track class, where they participate in more in-depth music experiences focusing on the standards through instruments (band) or voice (choir). 

Providence Creek Academy students learn English Language Arts using Scholastic Balanced Literacy as their primary resource materials. 

  • Learners in grades K – 2 add Fundations phonics instruction to the text-rich scholastic materials. Students learn to read, write, and make sense of stories. 
  • Learners in grades 3 – 6 continue to use Scholastic Balanced Literacy to further their reading comprehension and fluency in a text-rich environment with a focus on both fiction and non-fiction texts. 
  • Learners in grades 7 – 8 primarily utilize the Scholastic Comprehension Clubs. They incorporate a rich focus on literacy, poetry, and non-fiction text exploration into their ELA mastery. 

Providence Creek Academy students explore the Next Generation Science Standards through science kits provided by Delaware Science Coalition. 

  • K – 5 learners focus on observing the world around them, beginning to create models, and asking questions to guide their scientific exploration. 
  • 6 – 8 learners continue this scientific exploration through more in-depth experimentation, student-driven questioning, and student-led discussions. 

Providence Creek Academy is proud to maintain a beautiful and student-centered library. 

  • K – 3 learners explore the library on a weekly basis. They engage in story hour, learn about book care, and discover how to shelve and locate books. 
  • 4 – 5 learners use their time in the library to research information for the core subject classes. They may also make use of the computers to practice their computer science skills. 
  • 6 – 8 learners us their time in the library to research, complete core assignments, and complete independent computer science assignments.

Our Focus

At PCA, we focus on facilitating learning to allow each child to meet their potential Our lessons incorporate whole group, small group, and independent practice. Additionally, we believe that students learn best when given the opportunity to explore their learning through discussion with their peers. In each of their classes, teachers allow ample time for student to student interaction. 

Our Teachers are always learning too

It is the goal of PCA to be the best place to learn and best place to work. As part of this goal, PCA encourages continuous professional development of its staff members. Teachers participate in Professional Learning Committees with school leadership and specialists and can attend professional development of their choosing over the summer to share with the school.

Arts, Academics, and Athletics

PCA believes in educating the whole child beyond the traditional classroom. As part of this goal, students are able to participate in track classes beginning in fourth grade.

  • Beginning in fourth grade, students can choose a band or choral track. This allows students to take additional classes in these subjects while still attending their other specials classes.

  • In sixth and seventh grade, students are specializing in the art of their choice by selecting a track. The tracks for students include –In addition to the tracks offered in sixth and seventh grade, eighth grade students are also able to take Spanish for high school credit.

    • Computer Science
    • Chorus
    • Band
    • Visual Arts

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