Student Supports

Student Supports

Our Support

Providence Creek Academy aims to educate the whole child through arts, academics, and athletics. In order to support the whole child, PCA offers numerous supports to ensure each child is receiving the services they need. Below are some of the services/programs offered to our students -  

English Language Learner
(ELL) Program

At Providence Creek Academy, our English learning students have multiple opportunities to join various small groups with their teacher and other support staff. Additionally, Senora Escudero conducts a weekly session with our middle school English learners.

The students work to build their academic and content-related vocabulary through peer discussions, ultimately strengthening their understanding of the English language. For more information on our ELL Program, please contact Sarah Selway (Reading Specialist).

Military Connected Youth

PCA offers additional support for our students that are identified as military connected youth. For more information, please contact April Weaver.

Foster & Homeless Information

PCA provides additional services for students that are identified as qualifying through foster programs or the McKinney-Vento Act. It is our goal to remove barriers for these students so they can have the same opportunities as their peers. For more information, please contact April Weaver (Foster and Homeless Liaison).

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